Student Resources

Is Online Learning Right for Me?

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What Programs are Available Online?

View the list of academic programs available at Pellissippi State.

What Courses are Offered Online?

Pellissippi State offers more than 80 fully online courses. To identify online course offerings in MyPellissippi, look for courses with section codes starting with ‘WW’. View the list of online courses available at Pellissippi State.

Where Can I Continue My Online Education?

While there are many opportunities to continue your education online, Pellissippi has partnered with a number of Colleges and Universities to offer a smooth transition into your future academic endeavors. Explore places to continue your education beyond Pellissippi.

Keys to Online Success

Taking an online course gives you a lot of flexibility in where and when you do your coursework. That flexibility, however, means you have to take some extra steps to be successful. You have to be proactive about creating some of the structure you get naturally in a face-to-face course.

Have Correct Expectations

A popular myth among students is that online classes are easier than face-to-face classes. While online classes offer more flexibility and generally require little to no travel, they are absolutely as rigorous as face-to-face classes. Many of our online classes at Pellissippi are taught by the same faculty members who teach them in the classroom, so rest assured that you will be challenged with interesting course material and assignments. Additional information coming soon!

Have Needed Technical Skills

Students need a minimum skill set to function effectively in the online environment including utilizing email, uploading and downloading files, installing plug-ins or software, browsing the Internet, etc. If a student has a gap in these skills when starting an online course, they are at increased risk of struggling. Additional information coming soon!

Have Good Time Management Skills

Because online courses allow you the freedom to conduct your classwork at times that fit your schedule, managing your schedule so you allow sufficient time to complete class requirements is an essential skill. Additional information coming soon!

Have Good Academic/Study Skills

As with any of your courses, good study skills put on a path to success. While your course instructor is there to help you, in the online environment the student takes on greater responsibility for their learning. Additional information coming soon!