You Can Do This! – Tips from Distance Education

Five Tips for Success from Distance Education

Check your technology

Your courses are now being offered through a learning management system named D2L Brightspace. While many of the features of Brightspace can be used from mobile devices through the Brightspace Pulse app, most students find using a laptop or desktop computer the easiest (and sometimes required) way to complete assignment submissions and quizzes. You may need a webcam and microphone for some of your class activities.

Connect with your instructor

If you’re uncertain how your course is being conducted or unclear what is expected of you, reach out to your instructor as quickly as possible. They know these are challenging times and are there to help.

Create a routine and manage your time wisely

Some of your courses may continue to have scheduled times to meet via video conferencing while other courses might now be largely asynchronous. Either way, studies have found that online students who create a daily and weekly schedule for completing their course work are much more likely to succeed than those who plan of fitting in their schoolwork as time allows.

Stay organized

The schedules for your class activities have likely changed. Review the revised assignments and their due dates. This will allow you to create a calendar of your schoolwork and not have to rush to complete a neglected assignment.

Have a consistent workspace

Set up a dedicated learning environment for studying and class activities. This will support the routine you’ve established and help you to stay organized. Do your best to have your workspace in a location where distractions will be at a minimum.

-Don’t hesitate to reach our for help

The faculty and staff of Pellissippi are here to support you. In addition to reaching out to your instructor, if you find you are in need of assistance please be sure to reach out.

Some of the resources to support you: