September 2018 Release

Content – Print/Download Function added to Overview | New Users can now download and print an uploaded syllabus from the Course Overview area of Content . Note that if the d2l.System.Services.DocumentConversion.IsEnabled configuration variable is enabled, all document types except PDF will display the Download and Print options (PDF will only display the Download button). If the configuration variable is not enabled, only GIF, […]

August 2018 Release

Turnitin – Improvements to version 2 of the Turnitin Integration | Updated The following improvements have been made to version 2 of the Turnitin (TII) integration: Learners can also view GradeMark feedback in User Progress under Grades and in Content. Error and status messages are being improved upon. Rubrics – Improvements to rubric feedback for learners | […]

Gradebook Setup

Grade Settings Select Grades on the course navigation menu and then select Settings. Select the Calculation Options Select Weighted or Points. Select whether ungraded items are dropped or treated as zero. Save then Close. Add Grade Categories From the Manage Grades tab select New and then Category.  Enter the category Name. Enter the category Weight (if […]

Respondus Assessment Creation Steps and Format

Assessment Creation & Publishing with Respondus Create exams for print or for publishing in your BrightSpace course. Overview of Steps Create Questions in MS Word using specified formatting below Import the questions into a new Respondus assessment file Select the settings for online publishing, exporting to MS Word, or Printing Publish the assessment to a quiz, […]