What New with Brightspace in June 2021

Brightspace Platform June 2021/20.21.6 Release Notes Brightspace Learning Environment Attendance – Delete and restore registers | Updated This feature complements the Attendance – Manage registers | Updated feature released in the May 2021 / 20.21.5 release. Instructors can now restore mistakenly deleted attendance registers and associated session data. You can delete registers individually on the Attendance Registers page or […]

What’s New with Brightspace in May 2021

Brightspace Platform May 2021/20.21.5 Preview Release Notes The following preview release notes are for clients installing Brightspace Learning Environment 20.21.5 (May 2021). This is pre-release information. The functionality, screens, and configuration of features are subject to change before release. Features included in this information are available and hosted in all geographic regions D2L supports unless otherwise noted […]

What’s New with Brightspace in April 2021

Brightspace Platform April 2021/20.21.4 Preview Release Notes The following preview release notes are for clients installing Brightspace Learning Environment 20.21.4 (April 2021). Brightspace Learning Environment Accommodations – Improvements in Classlist, Quizzes, User Purge, and User Progress | New This feature builds on the Accommodations – Quiz accommodations | New feature that was released in the February 2021/20.21.2 release. […]

What’s New with Brightspace in March 2021

Brightspace Platform March 2021/20.21.3 Release Notes The following release notes are for clients installing Brightspace Learning Environment 20.21.3 / (March 2021). Assignments – Copying an assignment | Updated Previously, when you copied an assignment, the copied assignment was set to active and you had to open the newly copied assignment to edit it. Now when you copy […]

Microsoft’s March 2021 End of Support for Legacy Edge and Brightspace

In December of 2018 Microsoft announced plans to transition Edge to being a Chromium-based browser. Microsoft’s Chromium Edge exited Preview in January of 2020, and as of June 2020, Microsoft started pushing out the new browser version via Windows update. In August 2020, Microsoft announced that the non-Chromium based Microsoft Edge Legacy will reach its End of Life in March 2021. This means that after March 9th, 2021, Edge Legacy is […]

What’s New with Brighspace in February 2021

Brightspace Platform February 2021/20.21.2 Release Notes Brightspace Learning Environment Accommodations – Quiz accommodations | New This feature enables instructors to grant learners accommodations through the Classlist tool. Accommodation options currently available include: more time to complete quizzes at the course level and the ability to bypass right-click restrictions in quizzes. The right-click restriction in quizzes is […]

What’s New with Brightspace in January 2021

Brightspace Learning Environment Assignments – The new assignment creation experience | Updated Previously, in the new assignment creation experience, the time for an assignment Start Date defaulted to 11:59pm. Now, the default time for an assignment Start Date is set to 12:00am. Due Date and End Date remain unchanged with default times set to 11:59pm. The learning outcomes hierarchy tree now appears in […]

What’s New with Brightspace in December 2020

Brightspace Learning Environment Brightspace Learning Environment – Improvements to language packs | Updated Improvements have been made to the French (CAN), Spanish (LATAM), and Portuguese (BRAZIL) language packs and are the default language terms across Brightspace Learning Environment. These updates correct spelling, Grammar, and contextual translation errors. They do not override existing custom language terms. […]