Gradebook Health Check

Not sure if your Gradebook is setup correctly and displaying accurate grades.  Give the Gradebook Health Check a try at the beginning, middle, and end of each semester.  Use the scoring chart to determine what improvements you can make to your gradebook settings.

Screenshot of table displaying quality of gradebook settings


Display 100% in the success category, gradebook is set up correctly and students will receive accurate grades.


If you display a 1-3 in the Info category, your gradebook is set up correctly but can use some minor improvements.


If you display a 1-10 in the warning category, instructor and students may experience some inaccuracies with grade information.


If you display a 1-9 in the danger category, instructor and students will have inaccurate grade information.  Any danger areas must be fixed immediately.


Not sure how to update your settings, check out the screenshots on pages 3-7.  Numbered markers are associated with the questions.


The Gradebook Health Check is consistently being updated to ensure best support for your gradebook setup.

Download the Gradebook Health Check Form.  Use Adobe Acrobat and not a previewer when working with the form for full interaction.