Course Attendance Setup

Creating a Course Attendance Log

Many instructors collect attendance grades for their courses.  This includes face-to-face meetings or even lab attendance.  In Brightspace, instructors have the ability to create an attendance log for each course.  To begin:

Select “Attendance” from within “Course Admin” on the navigation menu or choose “Attendance” from the “Additional Course Tools” widget.


Choose “New Register” from the attendance registers.

New Register link

Fill in the required Name, select the “Class Attendance” Scheme from the drop down menu (already created for you), determine if the students will be able to see their attendance, select which Users will be counted in this attendance, and finally type in the session names of class dates, meetings, or labs where attendance will be collected.

New register fill in page

Sessions for attendance

Once you select save, you will now see the new Class Attendance register you created.  To begin collecting attendance, select the new “Class Attendance” register you created.

Register Name now official image

Choose the session to take attendance for by selecting the calendar icon associated with the session name.  Here I will select week 1 for the first class meeting of the semester.

select week image

Each student will be listed for the session you selected, and each student will have an Attendance Status with a drop down menu.  This drop down menu will allow you to set the students’ attendance status.  A status of P=present, A=absent, and L=late.  Select the appropriate attendance status for each student and select save.

select attendance status imageattendance status dropdown image

Once you select save, you can preview your class attendance status for each meeting, and see their percentage of attendance.  If you are grading attendance this may help determine your students’ attendance grade.

student attendance view image