Copy Course Components

“Copy Course Components” allows the instructor to copy course materials and activities from one Brightspace course site to another. This process copies only course materials and activities; it does not copy student data.

Please Note: To copy course materials from one Brightspace course site to another, you must be enrolled in both course sites as an Instructor. If you would like to copy materials from another instructor’s Brightspace course site, that instructor must add you to their course as an Instructor.

Copying Course Components

Select your destination course.  Where you will want to have components copied to.

screenshot of course selection option

Select “Course Admin” on the navigation menu and choose “Import / Export / Copy Components.”

screenshot of copy course components link

Ensure “Copy Items From Another Org Unit” is selected, and click on “Select Course.”

screenshot for selecting course to copy components

Type in the course you will be copying from.  Choose search icon to locate the course.  Select that course by clicking the circle, and select the “Add Selection” button and the bottom of the window.

screenshot for selecting course offering from your courses

Confirm that the correct course you are copying from is listed under “Course to Copy.”  If you are certain this is the correct course, we recommend clicking “Select what you’d like to copy.”

screenshot of recommended selection for copying

An option in Brightspace is to select all of the components to copy to your destination course or just some of the components. To copy components from the list choose the specific components by clicking the boxes next to those components.  You have the options to select all components or select specific components.

Screenshot for choosing which components to copy

After Brightspace finishes processing the copying of your components, you will receive a check mark confirming components were copied to your destination course.