Code Highlighting in Content

Perhaps you teach a computer programming language and you want your code formatted and highlighted like your favorite text editor does for you. We now have a few HTML templates available to provide syntax highlighting for your documents in Brightspace for languages such as: SQL, Python, Java, Javascript, CSS, and more. The templates use highlight.js and there multiple themes available if you want a dark theme or really like how Android Studio looks.

For Example:
c sharp code highlight            css code

Overview of Steps to use Syntax Highlighting Templates

  1. Go to ‘Content’ in your course
  2. Select ‘Upload / Create’ | then ‘Create a file’
  3. Enter a title
  4. Select language template by browsing ‘Shared Files’
  5. Paste in your code
  6. Select ‘Publish / Update’

Screenshots of Steps

upload and create
Create a file in content


title and template dropdown
Enter a title and select ‘Browse for a Template’ in the template dropdown menu


shared files folder
Select ‘Shared Files’ on the left and then select the ‘Templates’ Folder and then select the ‘Code Highlighting’ Folder.


select template
From here you can select your language.  If your language isn’t there then select any template and follow the onscreen directions for changing the language.

That’s it.  You must Publish the document for the highlighting to show up.