Customize a Course Homepage and Widgets

Brightspace provides instructors with the ability to customize a course homepage. Customizing your course homepage offers changes in colors, rearranging items, and adding dynamic objects to the homepage with the use of widgets.  Your custom homepage will be the first thing your students experience when navigating to your course.
Note: You cannot edit a default homepage layout. Only home pages that you have copied or created art customizable.

Choose an Already Created Homepage

Instructors have the ability to select already created Homepage templates for their courses.  This is especially important to consider when using the resources from McGraw-Hill or Pearson publishers. Both publishers have widgets that are available in already created Homepages designated as “Course Default + McGraw-Hill” and “Course Default + Pearson MyLab and Mastering.”  You can select an already developed homepage by selecting these from the “Active Homepage” dropdown menu.  If you want to use the already created homepage but customize some aspects of the homepage you must create a copy of that homepage and select that copy as your designated homepage.

screenshot for creating a new homepage by selecting Create Homepage buttonScreenshot for selecting the homepage to use

Copy or Create New Homepage

We must assume you are using a default homepage, and will need to create a new homepage, or create a copy of a currently used homepage in order to customize your current homepage layout.  Select Course Admin from the navigation menu.  In the “Course Administration” page, select Homepage from the category of options.

If you are currently using the “Course Default” homepage, you will need to copy this homepage, or you may select “Create Homepage” to begin from scratch with your course homepage layout.

Note: Instructors cannot edit the course default.

Screenshot for selecting the copy of a screenshot


After copying or creating a new homepage, select that new homepage title to navigate to the editing page.

screenshot to select the new homepage to edit


From the “Edit Homepage” window, you may rename the homepage name, write a description for your homepage.  Ensure you have chosen “Widget-based for the type of homepage.

screenshot, when using a custom homepage use a widget-based type


Select the “Layout” for your homepage.  There are several options available by selecting the “Change layout” button.

change the layout of your homepage screenshot

screenshot for the types of homepage layouts available


After choosing your panel layout, you may begin organizing your homepage widgets.  Here you can add, remove, change color, or relocate widgets.

Note: If you just want to change the color of your widget, select the widget name to open the widget Properties window.

image of the image editing window with emphasis on Selecting Add widgets buttons

Once finished editing your homepage.  Choose “Save and Close.”  In the Homepage’s page ensure you have chosen the new homepage as your “Active Homepage.”  Choose the dropdown menu for active homepage and select the newly edited homepage.  By selecting the apply button, this will set the newly edited homepage as your new course homepage.  Any changes you make to your homepage will be experienced by your students in the course.