Entering Midterm Grades in MyPellissippi

Follow the directions below to enter student grades in MyPellissippi.  If you have any difficulties, please contact HelpDesk for immediate assistance.

Login to “MY PELLISSIPPI” with your username and password.

login image

Select the “Faculty” tab.

faculty tab selection image

Select “Faculty Academic Services.”

faculty academic services image

From the Student Information Menu, select “Early Alert Survey.”

Early Alert Survey image

When the Early Alert Survey link opens, you will see a list of your courses.  Select the first course from the list to begin entering grades.

faculty feedback sessions image

Once you have selected a course, the course information and classlist will appear.  Identify the dropdown Grade to Date menu for each student.


faculty feedback roster image

selecting grade menu image

Next, find the “Show/Hide” arrow to the left of the student name.  Select the arrow to show the dropdown menu of issues and recommendations.

issues dropdown menu image

PLEASE NOTE:  Student issues can be addressed by checking one of the “issues” boxes. On the rare occasion that an “issue” on the list doesn’t apply,  please use the “Enter Comment” section.

enter comment issues

When you are finished entering grades, and any needed issues/recommendations or comments, finalize your midterm report by selecting the “Submit” button.

submit button