Grades – Export to Excel

Clicking the Enter Grades tab | Export from within the grade book, allows you to download a backup copy of your gradebook

From the dropdown menu choose to export grades for all users, or specific groups or sections.


Key Field – choose whether you want the ‘Org Defined ID’ (P Number), the ‘Username’, or ‘both’

Grade Values– choose the ‘points grade’, ‘weighted grade’, and or ‘grade scheme’ (letter grade from your chosen grade scheme).

User Details – choose ‘first name’, ‘last name’, ‘messages’ (comments), and or ‘Group/Section Membership’ (if groups were used in your course)

Choose the checkboxes next to the grade items you would like to export.

Choose the format of file that you would like to download.  CSV is a text file that separates the values by commas.  Or a Microsoft Excel sheet.

The export will open a new popup window and you may click the file to download it.

Optionally, you can import these grades into another course by following similar steps after pressing the Import button from the  Enter Grades tab within the gradebook.