Gradebook Setup

Grade Settings

  1. Select Grades on the course navigation menu and then select Settings.
  2. Select the Calculation Options
  3. Select Weighted or Points.
  4. Select whether ungraded items are dropped or treated as zero. Save then Close.

Screenshot of the grade settings screen with emphasis on the selecting points or weighted

Add Grade Categories

  1. From the Manage Grades tab select New and then CategoryScreenshot of the manage grades screen and the add a new category menu item
  2. Enter the category Name.
  3. Enter the category Weight (if using weighted).
  4. Select Distribute weight evenly… (if all items in this category are equal to each other). Optionally, enter the Number of lowest items to drop.
  • If using points then you can Distribute points across all items to set all items in the category to the same point value.
  1. Save and Close.

Screenshot of the new category menu

Add Grade Items

  1. From the Manage Grades tab select New and then
  2. Select the Numeric grade item type.
  3. Enter the item Name and Short Name.
  4. Select the
  5. Enter the Maximum Points. Select Bonus if item is bonus.
  6. Save and CloseScreenshot of the new grade item screen