January 2017 Release

Coming January 27, 2017! Changes: Browser Support, Discussions, Grades, Quizzes tool, and Pulse App.

Browser Support (global change, system requirement change)

  • BrightSpace will no longer support older internet browsers.  This includes Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and previous as well as Apple Safari 8 and previous. The system will produce a pop-up that will tell the user to update their browser.
  • Check your browser and version here and make sure to update it. https://whatbrowser.org/

Discussions (look and feel, tool change, organization wide)

  • Easily create multiple topic or threads that are visible only to certain groups.  This was possible before, but the setup was arduous. The look will be different and multiple topics can be created at once.
  • Easily filter between topics when reading and switch between threads that are unread, etc.

Grades (tool change, global change, workflow)

  • Automatically release final grades.  A new checkbox to allow auto-release of grades for new students who may have been added to your course after you initially released final grades.

Quizzes (tool change, look and feel, global change)

  • Long Answer Questions now have preview mode to the right of the question design screen.  Similar to changes in multiple choice questions in November 2016 and True False in December.  Question workflow remains unchanged.

Pulse App

  • Users can now view courses and course content from a mobile device using the Brightspace Pulse App.


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