Manage Dates

The Manage Dates tool allows you to bulk edit the dates assigned to materials and activities in your Brightspace course site. It also enables you to move all or selected dates forward by a specified number of days to allow you to easily reuse the material and activities in your course from semester to semester without having to adjust dates one by one.

Access Manage Dates in a Course

Select a course from your course list. Select “Course Admin” in your navigation bar and choose “Manage Dates.”

Editing Dates in Course

In the Managing Dates window, consider selecting filter options.  Filter options will allow you to select by course tools.  This may make it more manageable to update dates by tools.

filter dates by tool


After you select the filter option, all dated course components will be listed below.  You may edit dates for individual components, or choose multiple components and complete a bulk edit.

edit dates bulk


Next, set or clear the start and end dates.  Then chose if the object will appear in the calendar.  Click Save.

edit date window


You can also clear a start or end date by selecting the red X next to the start or end date in the list.

drop start date


Manage Dates enables you to move start dates and end dates forward or backward by a specified number of days. You can use this to move course content forward to a new term.  Offset Dates can be completed by selecting the items from the list and choosing Offset Dates.

offset dates


Specify which dates you want to offset.

offset dates setup


To specify whether you want to offset the dates forward or backward, use the Days drop-down list and enter the number of days you want to offset those days by.


 Choose Calculated based on two dates to quickly generate the number of days between two relative dates. Click Save.calculated days