November 2016 Release

Coming November 27, 2016! Changes: Groups, HTML editor, intelligent agents, language, and quizzes.

Groups (global change)

  • A new group category called ‘Single User’.  Allow for automatic group creation that creates a group after a user’s name and enrolls them.

HTML Editor (global change, tool change, workflow)

  • You can now copy and paste from a Microsoft Word document or other HTML source and the content retains the look and feel of the source document.

Intelligent Agents (global change, look and feel, tool change, workflow)

  • Agents stop running of the course is past date or inactive.
  • Run a practice run of an agent
  • Select and delete multiple agents on the agent list page.
  • New replace strings available (see inline help when creating an agent for a list of strings)

Language (tool change, global change)

  • User progress is now called “Class Progress”

Quizzes (look and feel, tool change, global change)

  • When editing or creating multiple choice questions there is now a preview mode that appears on the right.  Question creation workflow remains unchanged.
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