Quiz Publishing to Grades in Brightspace

Many instructors utilize the quiz tool in Brightspace for numerous reasons; easily accessible quizzes, date and time controls, and the ability to instantly grade and push results to the grade book.  At times this works seamlessly, but in some instances, student quizzes are graded, but not all pushed to the grade book.  Below is a walk through of setting up your quizzes for publishing to your grade book, but also fixing unpublished grades.

Setup Publishing in Quiz Editing

Enter the Manage Quizzes page.  Locate the quiz or exam that you are editing to setup publishing.  Select the action dropdown menu next to the quiz you will edit.  Choose “Edit.”


In the Edit Quiz window, choose the Assessment tab.

Select “Automatic Grading” if you are using a multiple choice or short answer quiz.  This means you have established what the correct answers are for each question ahead of time, and once completed by the student, quizzes get graded.

Select the “Grade Item” in the grade book where this quiz is associated.  Be sure the quiz you are editing matches the correct grade item in the grade book.  If the item is not listed in your grade items, you will need to create the grade item in your grade book to establish association.

Select “Auto Export to Grades” to send your students’ completed quiz results and automatically graded quizzes directly to the grade book.

Quizzes were Taken, but Not Fully Published in Gradebook

In your quiz menu, it appears all completed quizzes have been published.  When you look in your  enter grades page, you notice that not all quizzes completed appear graded for all students.

Enter the Manage Quizzes page.  Locate the quiz that has not published all student grades to the grade book.  Select the action dropdown menu next to the quiz not fully published.  Select “Grade” from the dropdown menu.

Select the “User” tab in the grade quiz page.

All students should have a blue checkmark under the published column. Locate the Publish/Unpublish icon next to the word Published.

Click the Publish/Unpublish icon to remove the blue checkmarks in the published column.

Select Save to push a publish to the grade book. Do not select “save and close.”

Just as you did above, select the Publish/Unpublish icon.  This time you will place a blue checkmark for each student under the Published column.

When the blue check returns to the published column for each student.  Select Save and close.


Unpublish quiz results, save.  Publish quiz results,  save and close.

Review grades in enter grades page to see if all student grades for that quiz are now fully published.  If they are not fully published for each student, please contact Josh or Royce for assistance.