November 2018 Release


Assignments, Content, Homepages, Quizzes, and Widgets.

Assignments – Evaluate submissions page displays in full screen | New

The Evaluate Submission page no longer displays navbar links. This provides instructors with more screen space to view and evaluate assignments.

Content – Add new submission types to content | Updated

The On paper submission and Observed in person submission types available in Assignments can now be added to Content from the Existing Activities menu.

Homepages – Users can edit homepage banner image titles | New

Instructors with the appropriate permission can change the homepage banner image titles. The title can be changed to the Org Unit Name, a custom value (such as Hello {FirstName}) or the title can be deleted to display no title.

Quizzes – Quizzes display in full screen | New

Quizzes now display in full screen. When a learner clicks Start Quiz, the navbar disappears. This provides additional screen space for the quiz by removing unnecessary navigation elements from view.

Widgets – Visual updates to My Courses Widget course tiles | Updated

To provide added value and ease of use to the My Courses widget, the following changes are now available with the widget course cards:

  • New status indicator for Inactive and Closed states for courses
  • Cleaner layout of course name, code, semester, and dates
  • Course notifications are sorted by tool. When a user hovers on the notification icons, a tooltip provides more information.