Student Enrollment and Cross-listing (merging)

Each semester for the past several years, there have been issues with student access to merged courses, but during the Fall 2018 semester, we experienced a dramatic increase in students who were unable to access their courses during the first 2 weeks of the semester.  There were over 400 students who did not have access to their courses on the first day of class and were manually added during the first 2 weeks. A new report now shows the number has increased to 529 student enrollment issues related to merged courses experienced since the start of the semester.

ETS has worked with the VP of Information Services, Audrey Williams, the VP of Academic Affairs, Kathy Byrd, and the Dean’s Council to produce a solution.  Starting in Spring term 2019 the criteria for merge course requests will be:

Requests for actual cross-listed courses which meet at the same time and place will be merged. (ex. ECED/CFS)
Requests for courses in which all sections are combined (ex. Science Labs, Nursing Courses) will be merged.
Requests for Adobe Connect / Zoom or equivalent distance education courses taught by the same instructor at the same time will be merged.

We will process merge requests the Friday immediately before the semester starts only, as opposed to the current practice of the previous 4 Fridays.

If your course does not meet the criteria stated above for merging, we are available to work with you and make sure you can accomplish what you need to with your courses including reviewing with you the steps for copying between courses as well as easily importing and exporting individual course items.  We also have created a short video demonstrating the quick copying of course items from one course into 3 other courses in less than 60 seconds:

Now that this revised course merging plan is in place, instructors will not be able to make student enrollment changes in their courses.  HelpDesk or ETS will be able to make any needed Brightspace student enrollment adjustments.

We greatly appreciate your support in revising this process to ensure that all of our students are able to access their classes and course materials during the critical first days of the semester.

Please reach out to us with any questions you have!