View Content Statistics

Content Statistics Overview

Many instructors put a great deal of time into designing, developing, and organizing content in their courses.  This includes PowerPoints, Word Documents, YouTube videos, instructor created videos, and much more.  All of that work should payoff with every student benefiting from your materials.  But, as we all know, students don’t always see the value in the materials for many different reasons, and find themselves skipping content, glancing over content, not viewing a video from start to finish, or downloading it thinking they will view it later.  On the other hand, students may visit your content items multiple times, view videos in their entirety, and greatly benefit from your materials. This is what we all hope for when developing our course content.

In D2L Brightspace, instructors can view content statistics for their course materials.  The data in the statistics can inform you of the following:

  • Total number of users in the course
  • Users who have visited content
  • Average time spent on content
  • Total content views for each student
  • User specific details of viewed content items
  • Number of users who visited a specific content item
  • Average time spent viewing a specific content item
  • Each student’s visit to a content item, last visit date, number of visits, total time spent, and average time spent
  • Export the statistics to a saved file

This statistical information provides instructors with an understanding of how valuable course materials are to their students.  It can also determine the effectiveness of viewing content items and the impact it has on student performance on assignments or assessments.

Viewing Content Statistics

  1. On the navbar, click Content.
  2. On the Table of Contents page, from the Related Tools drop-down list, click View Reports.
  3. In the Statistics area, do any of the following:
    • To view all statistics for a topic, in the Content tab, click the Users Visited link for the topic.
    • To view statistics for a particular user, in the Users tab, click the user’s name.

screenshot of content tool and boxes around table of contents related tools and an arrow to select View Reports from the dropdown