What to do with an unused course?

Perhaps you have a Brightspace lab course or supplemental course that you don’t intend to use. Or perhaps you only need the lab course for the grade book. Here are the steps to send students where you need them to be!


  • Copy the URL for the main course where the materials will be posted
  • Create a course announcement in the unused course with a link to the main course section
  • Edit banner text in the unused course

screenshot of homepage with announcement and edited banner text

Detailed Steps

  1. From the homepage of the main course section that will be linked to – copy the URL from the address bar
    screenshot of copying the course URL in the address bar
  2. From the homepage of the unused lab section – select “Create an announcement” and enter your message in the announcement “Content”
    1. Select a word or phrase in your message to convert to a link
    2. Select the link button and then scroll down to choose “URL”screenshot of creating a new announcement and creating a link
    3. Paste the previously copied URL address into the “URL” input
    4. Select “insert” and then “publish” the announcement
  3. From the unused lab course, the banner text can also be changed by select the 3 dots … in the top-right of the image and then selecting “Customize Banner Text”