What’s New with Brighspace in February 2021

Brightspace Platform February 2021/20.21.2 Release Notes

Brightspace Learning Environment

Accommodations – Quiz accommodations | New

This feature enables instructors to grant learners accommodations through the Classlist tool. Accommodation options currently available include: more time to complete quizzes at the course level and the ability to bypass right-click restrictions in quizzes. The right-click restriction in quizzes is the ability for learners to right-click in the quiz while taking the quiz.

Once granted, these accommodations apply to all quiz activities in a course for that learner. The additional time can be applied in terms of quiz time multipliers (for example, 1.5x quiz time) or +minutes (for example, an additional 30 minutes) on every quiz in a course.

Quiz-specific special access can overwrite an accommodation for any user on a quiz-by-quiz basis. When you overwrite an accommodation and then click Save, a warning describing the impact of overwriting an accommodation appears. Further accommodation options and enhancements are planned for this year.

To provide administrators with control over who can use this feature, two new permissions are included: View Other’s Accommodations and Add/Edit Accommodations.

Impact of Change Technical Details
Slight impact to instructors due to the ability to apply a single course-level quiz accommodation from the Classlist tool to all quizzes. Availability: This feature is available to all clients

To enable: From Organization Tools, turn on Accommodations.

Ensure that the View Other’s Accommodations and the Add/Edit Accommodations permissions are turned on at the course offering level under the Accommodations tool for the instructor role.

Instructors also require the Has Access to the Classlist permission to access the Add/Edit/View Accommodations workflow from the Classlist tool.

To ensure a cohesive experience when editing special access, D2L also recommends that users who can add special access in a quiz be given permission to, at least, View Other’s Accommodations.

Slight impact to learners as the quiz time accommodation and/or the ability to always allow right-click is now applied to all of their quiz activities in a given course. N/A

Assignments – Save progress and visual enhancements | Updated

This feature builds on the Assignments – The new assignment creation experience | Updated feature that was released in the January 2021/20.21.1 release.

  • Now, the Save button in the new assignment creation experience enables an instructor to save their progress while creating or editing an assignment. Previously, Save and Close was the only option.
  • The scrollbars on the main and right-hand panels now appear thinner and less noticeable, providing more vertical space when creating or editing an assignment.
  • The name of the assignment appears in the immersive navbar along the top of the page.