Create Instructor Videos for Your Course

Connecting with students can be a challenge for instructors, especially if you are teaching an asynchronous course.  Students often take online courses and never know who the instructor is, let alone what they look like.  So what options are there to assist students with getting more comfortable in the course, and to feel like they are connecting with the instructor?  Why not consider implementing instructor videos into your courses.  This doesn’t mean posting videos of other people talking, but videos of you in front of the camera talking directly to your students about the content you are teaching.

ETS Recording Studio

I bet you didn’t know ETS had a recording studio?  Yes we do.  Our recording studio is equipped with a variety of HD cameras, a green screen backdrop, specialty lighting, editing software, and even a teleprompter located just above the recording camera.  We have worked with numerous instructors already developing instructor videos for their courses.

If you want to learn more, preview the promotional video, the sample videos below, and complete the form to get started.

What is your commitment to create an instructor video for your course?

Not much at all, really.

  • Script: We need a script of what you will be talking about in the video.  Having a script ensures your  dialogue is smooth and natural.  While recording, we utilize a teleprompter so you don’t have to memorize.
  • 30 minutes to record: We only need you to schedule 30 minutes of your time to complete the recording of your video.  We prepare the recording studio ahead of time for your scheduled session, we perform all recordings, edits, captions, and even post it in your course for you.
  • Choose an intro clip if you want one: You don’t need any fancy intro clip, but if you want one, we can add it to your video.
  • Choose a background: Is blue your favorite color?  Or do you like textures?  We can add any type of background you want.  This includes images that relate to the topic you are talking about.  Even videos can play behind you.  Want to take it a step further, we can incorporate a background color while using side by side or even picture in picture features.

What do we do for you?

Give us a script and 30 minutes to record, and we do everything else.

  • Edit the video: We will take care of editing the videos no matter how many takes were needed.
  • Animate and Annotate: If you need text on the screen, images, videos, or anything else incorporated in the video, we will take care of that by using the information in your script.
  • Captions: After the video is finalized with editing and approved by you, the video will be published to YouTube as an unlisted video.  Here we will caption the video to meet accessibility needs for your students.
  • Embed video in your course: Once the video is finished with captions, we embed the video in your course.  Just tell us where you want the video.  By adding the video as an embedded YouTube link, you can track how many of your students previewed the video and for how long.
  • 1-2 day turnaround: Your video will be recorded, edited, jazzed up, captioned, approved by you, and placed in your course in 1-2 days.

Looking for some inspiration, preview a sample of videos from other instructors.