Pellissippi State Administrative Council Scholarship


Friday’s  Pellissippi State Internal Campaign Scholarship focus is on the Pellissippi State Administrative Council Scholarship. This scholarship has been in existence since 1996. To qualify for consideration for the Administrative Council Scholarship, a student must have completed 30 credit hours at Pellissippi State, have demonstrated financial need and must have maintained a 2.5 GPA or better. The student must also have a written recommendation from a faculty advisor, administrator, teacher or other recognized professional such as an employer. The scholarship provides $1,500 per year ($750 per semester.) Since 1996, 26 students have been awarded the Administrative Council Scholarship!

The purpose of the Administrative Council is to serve as an instrument of advocacy and professional development for College administrators. The Council keeps staff informed on matters of interest to Pellissippi State and serves as a means by which administrators establish communication with all segments of the College regarding college programs, policies and procedure. It serves as a setting for initiation, formulation, discussion, and recommendation of related polices affecting the administrative unit of the College. The Council also assumes responsibility to study, report and advise, and recommend to the President of the College, and through the President to the Tennessee Board of Regents on matters of College policy and procedure in areas of primary concern. Another key role of the Administrative Council is to promote and provide funding for the Administrative Council Scholarship. 


” I am very honored to have been considered for this award. This scholarship will help offset the cost of books and supplies for my family. Being able to return to school after 35 years has been a challenge for me, yet I would say it has also been very rewarding. The support of my family and the staff and faculty at Pellissippi State Community College has made all the difference. Last year, I decided to finally go back to school and found the Business Management Cohort to be the best fit for my goals. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my classes. The teachers have been supportive and are very encouraging while the curriculum is challenging and informative. I feel that I have learned quite a bit, but still have much more to learn. Going forward, I plan to use my degree to move into management with a good company and continue with my education. Thank you again for the Administrative Council Scholarship!” – Danielle¬†

“Going to college and getting a degree has always been a dream for me. In the past, it seemed to be unattainable. I did not come from a privileged background. Both of my parents were addicts throughout my childhood, and the result was me dropping out of high school to get a job so I could move out and get away from that environment. Eventually, I decided to get my GED so that I could possibly go back to school. It took a long time, but I finally decided I would go to college, and I would achieve my ultimate goal and dream to earn a college degree. Without the assistance from people like the Administrative Council, I am not sure if I could have made it this far. I have two children to support, so going back to school at this time was a huge challenge. This scholarship is a blessing to me. I can buy the books and materials I need to be successful in my classes and focus all my attention on my learning. I am studying accounting and hope to start a career in that field upon graduating, Thank you!” – Ginny

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