BarberMcMurry Scholarship


Since 1915, BarberMcMurry has been a leader in architectural design in East Tennessee. From the beginning, they have been dedicated to timeless aesthetics, innovative solutions and an outstanding client experience. They create beautiful, functional and sustainable buildings and interiors that are relevant and timeless, honoring our history while committing to innovation and quality.

It’s no secret that architecture, design and planning change the face of the community. East Tennessee is already beautiful, and they are passionate about keeping it that way … as well as contributing to its beauty along the way. They take that responsibility seriously by striving to ensure every project has a positive impact and by encouraging each of their employees to be actively involved in our community. They believe it’s their duty to give back, whether that’s through community activism, charitable giving or community service.

The endowed scholarship was established in 2002. It provides both a $350 scholarship and a $500 scholarship each year that are available to students who have a minimum 3.0 GPA, demonstrated financial need, and are interested in an architectural-related field such as interior design or engineering technology with a concentration in sustainable design. 


To date, 42 students have been awarded a total $17,100.

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