Cecilia Annette Bridges Scholarship


The Pellissippi State Scholarship of the Week for Monday, September 7 is the Cecilia Annette Bridges Memorial Scholarship.

“Live, live, live, until you die…” could have been her motto! Cecilia Annette Bridges, from the time she was a toddler until the last days of her life, never stopped living.

As a four-year-old, clamoring up the tiers of the Etowah Indian Mound like her Cherokee ancestors, she didn’t pause until she achieved her goal– the peak of the mound where she could see the whole countryside before her. As an award-winning deejay and radio announcer, Cecily (as her family nicknamed her) remained on the air around the clock for several days during the blizzard of ’93, the only announcer who was able to make it to the station. When changes in the methods of radio production brought a virtual end to the era of live deejay programming , she rolled with the punches and sought a new career and education in  technology-becoming a technician working for Intel in the production of computer chips. After health issues resulted in an end to her career in that field, Cecily tackled her multiple health problems and forged on in re-educating herself and preparing for a career in media technology, which became her new ambition.

As a student at Pellissippi State Community College, Cecily lived each day with as much enthusiasm as she had in her earlier pursuits. Her awareness of the cancer that threatened to once again block her attempts to achieve her goal did not deter her from her dream. In spite of her suffering, Cecily attended the 2010 International Film Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, and toured the land of her Scottish ancestors. She returned to Pellissippi in the autumn to continue her media studies in hope of pursuing a career in the Scottish film industry. Until the day that Cecily could no longer attend her classes, she did not slow down. Even then, she insisted on the chemotherapy treatments that she hoped would give her additional time to pursue her dreams.

Cecily’s determination, grit, and liveliness have been an inspiration to those who knew her. She was always upbeat in spirit, motivated by social and political issues to bring about positive change in society, and supportive of those in need of a friend. She saw the possibilities of media as a means for people of integrity to effect improvements in the course of modern human development and make the world a better place for all of us. We, her family, share her beliefs and are establishing this memorial scholarship in order to further her goals through other deserving students .

In order to qualify for consideration for a Cecilia Annette Bridges Scholarship, a student must be a full-time student majoring in Video Production Technology, have at least a 2.0 GPA, demonstrated financial need and a written recommendation for the scholarship from the student’s high school guidance counselor or college faculty advisor, teacher, or other recognized professional. (If a full-time student is not available, the scholarship may be awarded to a worthy part-time student majoring in Video Production Technology.

One or more $500 scholarships are awarded each year.September