James and Maria Card Scholarship


Monday’s Scholarship of the Week is the James and Maria Card Scholarship established in December of 2020. Pictured above is Zoey Weaver, the  first recipient of the James and Maria Card Scholarship.

James graduated from Gibbs High School in 2001, but he almost didn’t graduate. In the Spring of his senior year, he started developing medical problems that required him to be temporarily out of school. He also had to withdraw from the university he planned to attend after graduation to focus on his health. In the spring of 2002, his doctor allowed him to attend college, but wanted him to stay close by for observation. The school that was chosen for him to attend was Pellissippi State. James was released from medical observation after successfully completing his spring term at Pellissippi, but he never forgot the school and how well it had served him that first semester.

Maria graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Spring of 2006. In 2011, Maria decided to go back to school and look for another career path. She started attending courses at a local community college. Maria found that community colleges provided her with lots of opportunities to explore her skills and find one that worked for her. In the Summer of 2019, Maria completed her course as a dental assistant and started working at a dental office. She found that her coursework at her community college prepared her better than any other course in her state and was very grateful for her experience.  

Because of James’s and Maria’s positive experiences with community college, they started looking for ways to help other people in community colleges be successful. That turned into funding this scholarship. James and Maria hope to expand their funding over time and provide more opportunities for people in situations similar to theirs.

To qualify for the James and Maria Card Scholarship a Pellissippi State students must:

(1) Student must be enrolled for at least six hours for each semester awarded.
(2) Must maintain an overall GPA of 2.5.
(3) Must have demonstrated financial need.
(4) Preference given to students who have attended Gibbs High School.
(5) Preference given to students over 21 years old.
(6) Student must have a referral letter from a school counselor, teacher, professor, advisor, pastor or employer.

A scholarship of $500 for both Fall and Spring Semesters is award to a Pellissippi State student each year. 

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