Lucile Suit Memorial Culinary Scholarship

Nana in the kitchen


The Lucile Suit Memorial Culinary Scholarship was established in loving memory of Lucile Suit by her family. Lucile Wilson was born in May 03, 1914, and was raised in Wylam, Jefferson County, Alabama. She married Huston Carl Suit in 1933 and they had four children.
In 1960, Lucile was widowed and left to make a living for herself and her children. She was known for her great cooking skills and made cakes for local area restaurants. Lucile decided to take a culinary course offered by the Birmingham Public Schools System called the “Lunchroom Management Program.” She attended for one year and graduated with honors on May 30, 1961. After working the summer of 1961 for the Alabama Power Company lunchroom, an opening became available for a lunchroom manager at Wylam Elementary School. This was the very school Lucile and her children attended . She accepted the position and was the Lunchroom Manager for 18 years.
Lucile was loved and admired by children and teachers alike. The teachers received homemade candies and a poem written by her for all occasions. She helped many underprivileged children with clothes and food, always with the utmost discretion. Lucile’s home-cooked school meals, including delicious yeast rolls and cinnamon rolls, are still remembered today by the children, now adults. When Lucile retired, she continued to befriend teachers.
Lucile also traveled and enjoyed her children and grandchildren. Lucile Suit passed away September 21, 1981, and would be very proud to help others pursue their dreams in the fine art of cooking.
To qualify for consideration for the Lucile Suit Memorial Culinary Scholarship, Pellissippi State students must be majoring in Culinary Arts with at least a 3.0 GPA. They must have verifiable financial need and must agree to spend scholarship funds on tuition, textbooks, and culinary supplies. Students will also need a recommendation letter from a guidance counselor, advisor, teacher or other professional such as an employer.
Thus far, five students have been awarded the Lucile Suit Memorial Culinary Scholarship.


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