Patty Thompson Memorial Akima Scholarship


On February 24, 1947, thirteen women founded the Knoxville Junior Women’s Club. They affiliated themselves with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, Tennessee District II and the Knoxville Federation of Women’s Clubs. These thirteen women were concerned with taking an active interest in the needs of the Knoxville community while still maintaining their friendships. They truly began the Akima Club’s mission of being a friend to the community by giving of themselves and their resources with respect, dedication and compassion.

The organization updated its by-laws and eliminated age limitations for club members in 1951. They also changed the club’s name to Akima, a Native American term for leader. Although the Akima Club continued to serve the General Federation of Women’s Clubs during the next three decades, it expressed its desire for autonomy and in 1987 chose not to renew membership with the Federation.

With over 125 Active members and the support of our Sustaining and Extension members, we continue the tradition of volunteer work begun over 70 years ago. In addition to the many service hours performed in the Knoxville community, Akima contributes to the financial needs of various area service organizations with grant monies raised through the Akima bi-annual fundraiser, Cabaret.
In 2017, Akima awarded 40 grants totaling $50,114.

This scholarship was established in February 1993. In May 2005 the name was changed to the Patty Thompson Memorial Akima Scholarship.The scholarship is funded by an Akima grqnt.

The recipient of this scholarship may be a full-time or part-time student, must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA and must have demonstrated financial need A preference is given to a female with children.

Each year, two students are awarded the Patty Thompson Memorial Akima Scholarship for a combined total of $1,750.


Since 2008, $6,700 has been awarded to 16 students.

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