Pellissippi State Scholarship Opportunities FAQ

Pellissippi State has contracted with AcademicWorks, a third-party scholarship management system, to enhance and streamline the scholarship search and application process for all Pellissippi State students. Students who complete the General Application through the new AcademicWorks Scholarship System will be automatically considered for several scholarships across campus based on qualifications such as academic merit and financial need.

The Pellissippi State Scholarship System uses the term “opportunities” when referring to scholarships.

Enrolled students can complete the General Application in the Pellissippi State Scholarship System, as well as any supplemental applications for scholarship consideration. Students will need to complete the application each academic year, and will be notified via their email account when the new application is open. By completing the General Application, students will automatically be considered for all available Pellissippi State scholarships. In addition, most scholarships require a current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be filed each year.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your myPellissippi username and password
    1. username only, not
    2. Only students who have been accepted to Pellissippi will have an account
  3. Create a General Application to apply to most of our scholarships. The answers you provide along with admissions and academic data will determine which scholarships you qualify for. 
    1. As part of the General Application, you must include a name and email address for a reference. 
  4. After all required answers are complete, you may Submit your application. You will not be eligible for scholarships until your reference has supplied the required information. You may check the status of the reference letter at any time by logging back into Academic Works and clicking My Applications at the top left.
  5. After your General Application is complete, there may be some additional “Recommended” opportunities that you may apply to. These are special opportunities that require additional information. Students are encouraged to apply for all special opportunities for which they are eligible (i.e. Debate League)
  6. All scholarship recipients are notified through their email address ONLY! Regulations specify that we may not email your personal address, therefore it is critical that you check your email address on a regular basis.
  7. If/when you are selected to receive a scholarship, you will receive an “Offer” email with additional requirements. You must complete the Post-Acceptance form to have funds dispersed to your account.

Specific scholarship deadlines will be indicated in the opportunity description (if applicable). Most scholarships do not have a deadline, but are awarded until all funds are dispensed each year, unless a deadline is specified. Students are encouraged to review all scholarship dates and deadlines to ensure maximum scholarship consideration. Note: If a scholarship does have a deadline, the application will close at 11:59pm on the listed deadline date.

In addition to completing the required fields (indicated with an *), students are encouraged to complete the application to the fullest extent to maximize scholarship consideration.

In some cases, individual scholarships require additional information that is not on the general or supplemental applications. Students are encouraged to review the suggested list of these Recommended Opportunities and provide any information requested to receive further consideration for those scholarships.

Students who submit an application will see a “submitted” status on their My Applications tab within the scholarship system. Students who have an incomplete General Application will be directed there upon login until complete.

If selected, students will be notified by email to their account. Please note that emails are not sent to personal email addresses for security purposes. Please check your email address on a regular basis.

Most scholarships are awarded until all funds are dispensed each year, beginning in the summer for the upcoming academic year.

Students who have been awarded a scholarship must accept their scholarship online through the Pellissippi State Scholarship System. Students should follow the instructions as prompted to review the scholarship offer and click “Accept” under the appropriate scholarship.

Most scholarships require that a thank you note be submitted prior to any funds being disbursed to a student. The scholarship offer email will include information about any requirements.

Most opportunities require that a response be received within one week, however we encourage students to complete the short acceptance process as soon as possible. 

Scholarships are re-awarded to other students if declined.

Scholarships are awarded as part of a student’s financial aid package and applied as credits on the student’s Pellissippi State account for the semester of the award. In compliance with federal guidelines, financial aid and scholarships cannot disburse on the student’s billing account prior to a maximum of 10 days before each semester begins. If at any time credits on the bill exceed college charges (i.e. tuition, fees, on-campus housing), a refund can be issued for the difference. 

Many renewable scholarships require that the student maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA), and be enrolled in a specific major or school or college. Some may require a student also maintain financial need and require the filing of a FAFSA. Before the funds are disbursed each year, students will receive an email with required actions they must complete before the funds are released to their account.

Financial Aid Services may adjust your financial aid package if you receive additional scholarship awards. According to federal regulations, a student’s total financial aid may not exceed the estimated cost of attendance or need. Please visit the Financial Aid Office if you have a question about a pending scholarship offer and its impact on your financial aid.

International students can receive scholarships and complete the General Application in the Pellissippi State Scholarship System. For more information about receiving financial aid as an International Student, see:

Pellissippi State is fortunate to have hundreds of scholarships available to help students achieve their academic goals. By completing the General Application, applicants will automatically be considered for several scholarships based on general application answers as well as academic and admissions data. Recommended opportunities require a scholarship-specific application.

Each scholarship has its own eligibility and selection criteria. Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria are considered by a scholarship review committee. 

Please contact our Director of Annual Giving and Scholarships, David Harrell, to learn more about establishing a new scholarship. or 865-539-7378

You may also donate to established scholarships here: 

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Please email the scholarships team at Be sure to use your email if you have questions specific to your application or account.