Student Emergency Fund /Student Opportunity Fund

In these uncertain times, we send our very best wishes to the Pellissippi State Community College family, near and far.

As we are all learning how to adjust to new versions of our lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, many Pellissippi State students lack basic access to resources to buy groceries, afford medicines and complete schoolwork remotely. Our students are faced with impossible situations while still determined to work toward graduation.

Layoffs of hourly positions have dramatically affected working students whose families rely on their income. Utility bills are due. Many are living week to week. Some are confronting eviction notices.

We have the infrastructure in place to address student needs during this crisis. Now, we just need the resources. We ask you, our alumni and community friends, to join us as we support our students, who are suddenly shifting to remote learning with many experiencing the additional stress of major financial difficulties with no safety net.

Your gift of any size to the Student Emergency Fund will directly impact students as they navigate the pandemic. Your thoughtful generosity will:

  • Support working students who are experiencing lay offs
  • Equip students who need laptops to complete coursework
  • Ensure internet access so students stay on track toward graduation
  • Distribute food to students through Pellissippi Pantry support
  • Provide resources for students supporting their families
  • And much more

Our students are #PellissippiStrong, and ready to face this challenge with your help. 

Together, we will get our students through this!

Aneisa Rolen

Executive Director
Pellissippi State Foundation

P.S. For more information on Pellissippi State Community College’s response to coronavirus, see, which will be updated regular

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