The Roger Crowe Excellence in Teaching Award Endowment


Over the past 33 years, our father taught more than 3,000 students in business management courses at Pellissippi State Community College. Each year, he had a front row seat to student success stories: the single mom of five attending classes at night; the veteran readjusting to civilian life; the working adult juggling life, family, work and school; the first-generation student struggling to fulfill her dream with no safety net of supportive family and friends.

These stories inspired Dad. They fueled his passion to teach.

As so many of you know, Dad had a unique ability to see a student’s untapped potential. He was eager to help every single student who crossed his path. He upheld high standards so that his students were prepared for life, for work … for their dreams. He was never unyielding — except in his unyielding belief that if his students had the desire to work, they could do anything.

Belief is a powerful gift. It mobilizes and inspires us to do what might seem impossible. It was Dad’s belief in students that inspired him, inspired us, and inspired the students who came through his classroom.

We always knew about Dad’s passion for teaching, but we didn’t realize how much his passion motivated his students until after he had passed away. After Dad’s death, students and alumni from Pellissippi State asked to create a lasting tribute to Dad. We are honored and excited to announce the creation of the Roger Crowe Excellence in Teaching Award at Pellissippi State.

Dad, who won the Excellence in Teaching Award twice, would be so touched to have this award named for him. He aspired to be, and was, a great teacher. He was so proud of Pellissippi State and the work they do in the community.

Please join us, our mother, and Dad’s students, graduates and colleagues in creating an endowment to honor Dad and continue to inspire and energize teachers like him. Each day, teachers at Pellissippi State help students from every walk of life achieve their dreams. Just like Dad.



Roger Crowe Excellence in Teaching


Full-time faculty members must meet the following criteria to be nominated and apply for this award:

  • Must have taught at post-secondary level for at least 5 years by the end of the current semester;
  • Must not have won the award in the past 5 years.

Award Criteria:  The Roger Crowe Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes demonstrated excellence in teaching.

Judgement of nomination will be based on fulfillment of at least one stated criterion:

  • Measurable impact manifested in learning processes and student success rates;
  • Program/course/curricular development to improve quality of the interactive learning experience;
  • Colleague/student/staff recognition of contributions to college classroom and improved learning;
  • Curriculum/instruction design demonstrating current best practices in teaching, learning and student support.

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