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25Live – All scheduling of academic and other spaces along with relevant resources is done through 25Live by the academic scheduler, other trained schedulers and Event Services staff


Accounts & Access Management – All authentication and authorization services are provided by Information Services for all of our campuses.

Accessibility – Creating accessible instructional and information materials

Argos – Data reports can be created by Applications Programming Support (APS) staff and run by employees as needed or on a regular basis.

Audio/Video Equipment Checkout – See Short Term Technology Checkout

Audio/Video Production and Recording – Educational Technology Services (ETS) provides audiovisual support for instructional materials as well as live streaming and recorded archives of college productions from the Faculty Lecture series to guest speakers and more.


Banner Reporting – Applications Programming Support (APS) provides the college with custom reports, ad hoc reports and other regularly required reporting for audits, THEC, accreditation and other activities.

Banner Document Management System (BDMS) – Application Programming Support (APS) assists departments with our enterprise document management software to captures and store departmental information.

Brightspace – Educational Technology Support (ETS) provides system administration, faculty user support and training for our learning management system and its third party tools such as TurnitIn.


Camera/Laptop/Hotspot/iPad Checkout (short term) – See Short Term Technology Checkout

Citrix – See Virtual Desktop

Classroom Computers – Network and Technical Services (NTS) technicians provide technical support for students, faculty, and staff and plan for a regular refresh of classroom computers including teacher stations.

Classroom Technology – Educational Technology Services (ETS) supports the classroom technology which provides audio and video options for instruction.

Conference Calls – Employees can schedule a conference phone or the phone bridge through the HelpDesk. See also: Webinars/web conferences

Computer Support – See HelpDesk


Degree Works – Applications Programming Support (APS) supports advisors and other academic staff with our web-based academic advising, transfer articulation, and degree audit tool

Digital Signage – Educational Technology Services (ETS)supports both outside and inside digital signage customized for each campus.

Distance Learning – Educational Technology Services (ETS) provides technical and instructional design support for all forms of distance learning. See also Brightspace (D2L) and Zoom

Document/File Storage – See File Sharing/Storage

Dynamic Forms – Applications Programming Support (APS) staff can create online forms for your department or other needs.



Email, Calendars and Instant Messaging – Network and Technical Services (NTS) provides email and calendar services to all faculty, staff and students at every campus. The standard Faculty/Staff email accounts are hosted locally on Microsoft Exchange. Students are hosted on Microsoft’s Office 365. All include Skype for Business.

Emergency Notification – Network and Technical Services (NTS) supports Alertus, a campus wide alert system to your desktop

Events – Event Services provides logistical, planning and technical support for on-campus events and for off campus groups using our facilities for events


Faculty Multimedia and Recording Studios – Educational Technology Services (ETS) provides a faculty recording studio for recording aucio and video projects to be used for instruction and a training lab for faculty development. See also Audio and Video Production and Recording.

File Sharing/Storage – Network and Technical Services (NTS) provides online file storage via Office 365 OneDrive and shared network drives and secure file transfer via Filelocker (see below).

Filelocker – Secure file transfer for protected information/documents


HelpDesk – Your first point of contact for support, questions and requesting assistance from Information Services’ departments.

Hotspots – Employees see Short Term Technology Checkout; Students may checkout hotspots (limited amount) from campus libraries.



ID cards/badges All employees and students should have a campus ID card for access to facilities, checking out library books and other uses

Information Security – Resources for keeping your data safe and secure

iPads – See Short Term Technology Checkout

Instructional Technology – Educational Technology Services (ETS) provides support and training with all of our technology used for teaching and learning.

Integrations – Information Services connects the wide variety of technical tools on campus to help students, faculty and staff learn and work effectively.

IT Purchase Approval – Form and workflow that is completed prior to submitting a purchase request for any computer hardware or software. The returned PDF is attached to the cart in Pellibiz. See Purchasing Software/Hardware


LanSchoolLanSchool is a classroom management software that is installed on instructor stations in the Pellissippi computer lab classrooms

Laptops – Employees see Short Term Technology Checkout; Students may checkout laptops (limited amount) from campus libraries.


Media Conversion – Educational Technology Services (ETS) can assist staff with analog to digital conversions as well as changing digital formats

Microsoft Office – Enrolled students and employees have access to Office applications through our Microsoft Office 365 agreement

Microsoft Teams – See Teams

Mobile Device Management – Mobile devices owned by the college are protected and updated centrally

Microphones – Information Services can provide wired and wireless microphones for a variety of uses



Navigate (EAB Navigate) – Student app designed to help students get started and stay on track to graduation

Network Management – Network and Technical Services (NTS) manages our college network, both wired and wireless as well as remote access to networked resources from off campus.

New Student Orientation Technical Help – Network and Technical Services (NTS) HelpDesk staff attend each session of our New Student Orientation to explain how to access your account and explain what technology is available on campus.


Office 365 Software – Enrolled students and employees have access to Microsoft Office 365 including Office products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint along with cloud storage in OneDrive and video/voice calling/instant messaging/file sharing via Teams.

Office Computers (PC/Mac) – All employees have access to office computers with a standard load of software and printing capabilities

Online Classes – See Distance Learning

Open Labs/Information Commons – Network and Technical Services (NTS) supported Open Labs provide a free and reliable environment for students to complete their academic assignments


Password Change/Reset – Most users can reset or change their password through self-service. Please contact the HelpDesk for assistance, if needed. See also Account Management.

Phones – See Telephones/Voice Services

Printers – All campus office and lab computers are networked to printers

Projectors – All classrooms and many labs have projectors that allow for showing a variety of digital media/resources

Purchasing Software/Hardware – Employees who need to purchase computer software or hardware must complete an online IT purchase approval form before submitting their purchase for budget approval.



Reporting & Analytics – See Banner Reporting and Argos



Scanners – Open Labs have scanners for students use and Educational Technology Services (ETS) has scanners for faculty and staff

Scantron (exam forms) – The HelpDesk monitors and maintains Scantron forms and machines on all campuses.

Secure Data Access – see Account & Access Management

Server Management – Network and Technical Services (NTS) system analysts support the wide variety of virtual and actual servers on campus

Short Term Technology Checkout – Educational Technology Services (ETS) houses a small pool of laptops, cameras, iPads and other technology for checkout by faculty and staff

Software Licensing – Currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff can get access to Office products at home through Office 365. Other software licenses are maintained by NTS staff for installation in computer labs, classrooms and office.

Staff-Faculty Technology Support – See HelpDesk

Streaming Video (live and delayed) – Educational Technology Services (ETS)supports streaming from the Goins Auditorium and the Clayton Performing Arts Center

Storage Management – See also File Storage/Sharing


Teams (aka Microsoft Teams) – Office 365 application, Teams, provides collaboration tools for video chat, instant messaging, screen sharing, file sharing and collaboration. See also Office 365

Technical Support – See HelpDesk

Teleconferences – see Conference Calls

Telephones/Voice Services – Network and Technical Services (NTS) handles requests for office phones, conference call phone bridges and other voice services. See also Conference Calls

Technology Training – We can help you learn a new skill and refresh your tech skills with face-to-face workshops, one-on-one sessions and online resources.


Virtual Desktop – Network and Technical Services (NTS) maintains a Citrix environment for connecting to protected resources, data and software from off campus. Accounts may be requested via the HelpDesk.


Webinars and Webconferences – Educational Technology Services (ETS) assists faculty and staff with viewing presentations or conference in something like Webex or – also see Zoom Rooms and Zoom Pro)

Webmail – A webmail client is available for all email accounts.

Wireless network – Network and Technical Services (NTS) provides and supports wireless access on all five campuses with a guest network for visitors.

Workflow – Banner tool that can take manual process and automate them to route to specific people on campus.

WordPress – a powerful, easy to use and expandable publishing platform for personal blogs as well as for departments, clubs, groups and other organizations.


Zoom Rooms and Zoom Pro – synchronous web conferencing with voice, video, shared whiteboard and more. Zoom Rooms power our distance learning classrooms and Zoom Pro accounts are available for faculty and staff for instruction and other conferencing.