The Service Catalog of the Information Services division at Pellissippi State Community College

Classroom Technology


Educational Technology Services (ETS) supports the classroom and audio/visual technologies used for teaching and learning. Classrooms typically contain a teacher station with a PC, DVD player, audio speakers, document camera and a projector. The different sources can be switched by an instructor to display on the projector.

ETS provides a variety of help resources related to technology available in the classrooms including step-by-step instructions and quick overview videos of using different classrooms (AMX rooms and BrightLink rooms). ETS also provides in-room support, consultation and training services for using the technology in classrooms, lecture rooms, laboratories, galleries and other instructional locations at all five campuses.

ETS also develops and supports the New, Emerging and eXperimental Technology (NEXT) classroom which provides access to new technologies including collaboration tools, videoconferencing, software and portal computer workstations for experimentation and exploration by faculty and ETS. Some technologies may be too expensive to deploy in every classroom but we want them available and others are being tested before widespread usage.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Classroom technology provides audio and video options for instruction
  • The NEXT Classroom provides a testbed for new and emerging technology and instructional methods
  • Classroom AV equipment upgrades are planned on a recurring refresh cycle