The Service Catalog of the Information Services division at Pellissippi State Community College

Conference Calls


If an employee is scheduling a conference call, the HelpDesk can reserve a conference phone to be delivered to a meeting room if one is not already provided in the room. Conference phones allow a group to hear and participate in a phone call. Our voice over IP (VOIP) phone system allows for three-way calling on campus so small conference calls can be hosted at a desk. Skype for Business also allows for online conference calling.

If an employee needs to host a conference call with particpants from outside the college, call the HelpDesk to reserve the phone bridge, which will provide a phone number to be shared with participants in other locations. You will need to know the date and time for the call when you make the phone bridge request.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Conference phones operate on the same VOIP system as desk phones
  • Conference phones have high quality microphones and speakers for group participation
  • The phone bridge allows for hosting a conference call with otheres on campus
  • Skype for Business and certain models of office phones allow for group calls