The Service Catalog of the Information Services division at Pellissippi State Community College


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Filelocker is a web based secure file sharing application that facilitates easy file sharing both between users here at Pellissippi State and with users outside of the college. It is secure storage system for sharing files and data temporarily. More than 20 universities worldwide are using Filelocker for HIPAA and FERPA compliant data sharing.

NOTE: Filelocker does NOT synchronize with the PSCC Active Directory. In order to use this secure service, you must first have a Filelocker user account. To request an account, send a request to the PSCC Helpdesk. They will have your Filelocker account created and will give you a password that works only for your Filelocker account.

Here is more information about how to use Filelocker.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • The ability to use a password to encrypt files in order to protect sensitive data
  • Uploading electronic files to a secure storage area, storing them there for a fixed amount of time, and accessing them from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Sharing files with other PSCC faculty, staff, and students
  • Automatic email notifications of file sharing requests and file download activity
  • The ability to securely share files with individuals who do not have a PSCC user account


Filelocker was developed by IT Networks and Security at Purdue University for the purpose of allowing students and faculty to share files with other people both inside and outside of Purdue University.