The Service Catalog of the Information Services division at Pellissippi State Community College

Purchasing Software and Hardware

Office computers and printers, classroom technology and IT equipment in other shared spaces are refreshed and updated on a regular plan. However, there are times when employees and departments or offices require specific software or hardware to be purchased.

In order to maintain our network and understand the technical needs of all of Pellissippi State, any purchase of hardware or software must be approved by the Computer Resource Advisory Committee. This group meets regularly to review any purchase requests via the CRAC form, which provides the necessary information to make an informed decision.

**The CRAC form (PDF) can be found linked inside Pellibiz and must be attached to the cart when a purchase request is created.**

The CRAC process allows Information Services to know:

  • What kind of hardware/software is being requested;
  • Where it will be installed;
  • What kind of network requirements are needed; and
  • What recurring maintenance costs or other needs will be involved

After reviewing the CRAC, the committee then approves the purchase and tracks the hardware or software in the IT inventory. If an existing contract or campus-wide licensing agreement is already in place, they can also make recommendations that will provide the service without a purchase.

Key Benefits and Features

  • CRAC form is easily available inside Pellibiz
  • CRAC committee meets regularly to review purchase requests
  • Campus and state-wide licensing and contracts may be used to provide more economical options