25Live Calendar Publishing

25 Live event data flows to the college’s published calendar based on the data entered into the event.  Event items that affect whether or not and which calendar an event will be displayed are the following:

    • Event Type
    • Category
    • Organization


 Main College Calendar

Category:  “Calendar Announcement/Display on Web”

*All events with the category “Calendar Announcement/Display on Web” checked will be forwarded to this calendar.  This page does not include BCS classes.  If the box is not checked the event will not display on the Main College Calendar.

Academic Calendar:

Category: “Calendar Announcement/Display on Web”   AND   Category: Academic Calendar”

Arts Calendar

Category: “Calendar Announcement/Display on Web” AND Category: “Arts & Cultural”

BCS Classes:

Event Type: BCS Class”

Campus Specific Calendars:

1. Location: Campus Location OR Category: Campus Calendar checked


2. Category: “Calendar Announcement/Display on Web”


English Department:

1. Organization: ENGLISH OR ENGL OR Imaginary Gardens OR Creative Writing Club 


2. Event Title or Name– like  “Faculty Lecture”  OR like “Common”


3. Category: “Calendar Announcement/Display on Web”


Faculty Interests:

1. Organization: QEP OR Faculty Senate 


2. Event Type–  “Lecture\ Seminar\Training\Workshop”   AND  Category: Faculty\Staff


3.  Organization: Service Learning OR Gnosis  AND  Category: Faculty\Staff


Service Learning:

( 1. Organization: Service Learning or Event Type:Service Learning, OFF Campus Community Partner Event)


2. Category: “Calendar Announcement/Display on Web”


Student Interests:

( 1. Organization: Student Life and Organization:NOT NSO


2. Category: “Calendar Announcement/Display on Web” AND Category: “Student”  AND Organization: NOT NSO   )


3. Event Type NOT: (CE-Section, EXAM, SECTION, Autocross, BCS Class, Class Related, In-Service, Interview, Maintenance, Non-Credit & Continuing Ed, Summer Program, Tech/Load-in/Strike, Unassigned/Free Speech)


Student Life:

( 1. Organization: Student Life or COSA and Organization:NOT NSO


2. Category: “Calendar Announcement/Display on Web”


University Connections:

Event Type: University Connections