25Live Key Terms

Event: Any meeting, announcement or reservation that either needs to be published on a web college calendar or requires a 25Live room or Banner Room.Learn more about Event Types.

Web Calendar: This is a published calendar displaying on Pellissippi’s homepage.  This calendar is accessible by the public.  Information on how events flow to this calendar can be found here.

25Live Calendar: Not to be confused with a Published Web Calendar, all events created in 25Live are viewable on the 25Live calendar from within 25Live.  Only Faculty\Staff have access to the link to this calendar and the 25Live system via myPellissippi or a shortcut on their desktop.

Banner Room:  Rooms that are not visible in 25Live at this time but still must be reserved via Banner from an email to Instructional Services (academic classrooms) or Instructional Programming Support Center (computer labs) from the 25Live System.

Common Rooms: Rooms that 25 Live schedulers can schedule and assign. (conference rooms, cafeteria rooms, Goins and Blount auditoriums, outdoor spaces, etc.)

Scheduler: The person entering the information into 25Live and creating the event. Currently, each department secretory and various others in every division have scheduling rights in 25Live.  The Scheduler should always be the one with the most first hand knowledge of the event.  If there is not a Scheduler in your department the Requestor should go to the next Scheduler up in their division to receive assistance.

Requestor\Event Sponsor: The Requestor should read as the one requesting the event reservation and\or the event sponsor(the person in charge of organizing the event). This field should not read the same as the Scheduler unless they are also sponsoring the event.

Assigned Tasks: You see this term as a check box option for Email recipients.  This refers to those that must “Approve” a room before it is assigned.  At this time that would include BCS rooms, CPAC, and Bagwell Gallery.

Notification Tasks:  You see this term as a check box option for Email recipients.  This refers to any person that supplies a Resource.  If you check this box with will go to those that have Resource responsibilities for the Resource items that were chosen for the event.

Resources: These are items or services that are required for an event and are available from ETS (Audio Visual), Facilities, Marketing and Communications (Publicity), and Security. Learn more about available Resources.