25Live Resources Information

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Department Resource Description
Media Services (ETS) AV-35MM Slide Projector NOT A DATA PROJECTOR. Rudimentary device using light and mirrors to magnify small slides.
AV-Audio Cassette Recorder/Player Small, portable cassette player used for playing/recording.
AV-Computer Speakers Speakers connected to PC and used to project sound.
AV-Conference Phone Phone used to make conference calls.
AV-Document Camera Portable document camera.
AV-DVD Player Portable DVD player.
AV-ETS Personnel ETS Staff is needed for the duration of internal event. Must have advanced notice.
AV-ETS Personnel -BCS Charge ETS Staff is needed for the duration of external event. Must have advanced notice.
AV-ETS Personnel-Setup Only ETS Staff is only needed for setup of internal event.
AV-ETS Personnel-Setup Only -BCS Charge ETS Staff is only needed for setup of external event.
AV-Laptop Portable laptop.
AV-Loading Dock Use Client requests use of the loading dock in AL 166.
AV-MIC Stand Microphone stand. Please specify use.
AV-Microphone-Hand Held Microphone corded. Please specify use.
AV-Microphone-Wireless Lapel Wireless lapel microphone. Please specify use.
AV-Piano Request for piano. Advance notice required for tuning.
AV-Podium w/ Public Address System A portable Podium with built-in speaker system.
AV-Projector Portable projector unit.
AV-Public Address System – Portable A portable, self-contained microphone/speaker unit.
AV-Screen Portable projector screen
AV-Soundsystem Portable system includes 6 channel mixer board, CD player, 2 wireless receivers, and 1 amplifier.
AV-TV on Cart Portable TV unit on cart. Please specify use.
AV-VCR Portable VCR unit.
AV-Video Technician Camera Operator needed for event.
AV-Whiteboard Easel Portable Whiteboard mounted on an easel.
Facilities Facilities-Chairs
Facilities-Choral Acoustic Shell
Facilities-College Banner
Facilities-Cones-Orange Primarily used for parking
Facilities-Directional Signs-Arrows Arrows that are used to point visitors to the appropriate location.
Facilities-Event Parking Signage Ground signs used to designate a parking area.
Facilities-Grounds Flags
Facilities-Housekeeping General clean-up\setup for events
Facilities-Lattice White panels
Facilities-Mobile Stage Outdoor use
Facilities-Table-Rectangular-Blue Skirt
Facilities-Trash Cans – Barrel
Publicity Pub-Flat Panel Channels These monitors are viewable in various buildings\locations at each campus.  Please specify campus for display and forward specific instructions and art work to ETS.
Pub-Ipause Student Online Video
Pub-Marketing Photography
Pub-Marketing Vidoegraphy
Pub-News Release
Pub-Panther Pause Release This is a newsletter produced by Student Life containing events, information, and announcements pertaining to students. This is posted in restrooms and various other college locations for display.
Pub-Student Life Weekly Email This email is produced weekly by Student Life and contains events, information, and announcements pertaining to students and distributed to STUDENT-L
Pub-Welcome Board Announcement Welcome board at Hardin Valley Main Campus entrance.  Message is limited to 3 lines of 17 characters each.  Time of display and message should be included in setup instructions.
Security Security-Block Parking Lots Security will gladly block off specific lots for parking for special event guests.  Please specify the desired lot and number of spaces needed.
Security-Guards Extra campus security guards are available for an hourly rate depending on Organization type.  Please provide Security with 2 weeks notice whenever possible.
Security-Minors on Campus Important Notification for Security if you will have the potential of Minors attending your event
Security-Notification Important Notification for events that requires Security’s extra attention.  This should include any large attendance events or events that require use of the entire campus.