The Service Catalog of the Information Services division at Pellissippi State Community College

Campus Screening App

Faculty, staff and students can use an app to complete before coming to a campus while we are in limited access mode as part of our COVID-19 response. Our form and email screening also remains in place as another option.

The app runs on the PowerApp platform that is part of our Office 365 subscription.

If you prefer, here is a handout of these instructions.

Step 1. Installing the Campus Access App

screenshot of powerapps header

If you do not see the PSCC Campus Screening App listed, be sure you are on “All Apps” and search for “Campus Screening.

Step 2: Using the Campus Access app

screenshot of PowerApps main screen showing PSCC Campus Screening App

Once you have the app available, you will always see it listed in your apps list.

Tap to start the application. If you haven’t already logged into Office 365, you will log in using your current username/password.

screenshot of login screen showing pulldown menu for student or employee question

On the first run, you may also have to allow access to the data storage that stores your answers.

Answer the first question and click the “Get Started” at the bottom of the screen.

screenshot of screening question

You will then go through the same three screening questions we have our on current form.

Click Next to move to each screening question.

If you answer “Yes” to a screening question:

screenshot of denied screen

A YES answer on any one of those three questions will result in this screen.

The screen also has a direct link to the self disclosure form.

If you answer “No” to all of the screening questions

screenshot of campus access information questions

If you have all “No” answers to the screening questions, you will  move on to the access screening questions. All questions on the access screens must be answered to move to the next screen.

Place checkmarks by the campus(es) and any buildings you will be entering.

Indicate your arrival and departure time frames.

Fill in the blank with room numbers and other locations as specifically as possible.

After the screening questions, answer the access questions.

screenshot of confirmation screen with submit screening button highlighted

After the questions are answered, you will get a confirmation screen listing your name and the date of your visit.

Click the Submit Screening to complete your answers.

screenshot of successful campus access screening with checkmark on screen

You are good to go!

Present the screen to the screener at every building entrance. Returning to the app during the day should keep the screen in place until you start a new session.