Commonly Heard IT Terms and Acronyms (CHITTA)

Here are some commonly used terms, vendor names, and acronyms used at Pellissippi State

25Live:  college scheduling software. Trained schedulers can reserve rooms and schedule resources such as catering, A/V and tech support, chairs/tables and security. 25Live also provides the calendar for the college website.

APS:   (Application Programming Services) The department of our programmers and functional technicians who work primarily with Banner, Argos, Dynamic Forms and reporting

Argos:   A software package used to create reports from data

Banner:   The enterprise system that supports our data for students, financials, HR and financial aid

BDM or BDMS (Banner Document Management System):   system for scanning in paper documents and saving them in readable and searchable form

BEIS (Banner Enterprise Identity Services):   product used to provide single sign on into Banner

Brightspace: our learning management system used for online and hybrid classes as well as online resources and tools for face to face classes

Camtasia: screen recording software for creating screencasts, recorded lectures and other instructional media. ETS maintains licenses of Camtasia in their faculty recording studio and the faculty training labs.

Cascade Server:   the content management system used for the school’s website.

College Scheduler:   a third party product that interfaces with Banner to help a student build a schedule each semester based on their personal schedule, campus preferences, pre-requisites and other factors.

CPAC (Clayton Performing Arts Center):   our largest auditorium in the Alexander Building on the Hardin Valley campus. It provides A/V options, theatrical lighting, internet access and projection

D2L: the vendor of our learning management system, called Brightspace

DegreeWorks:   Ellucian product that works with Banner to provide a “program of study” or degree plan for a student. This helps build a path for completion to a degree/certificate and provides information for financial aid.

Dynamic Forms: cloud based product for creating online forms. Forms can send data to specific recipient(s) or be collected in cloud storage and downloaded for futher use/analysis. Forms can be pre-filled with certain data from Banner to simplify the process and support uploading documents and branching depending on answers provided by the person completing the form.

EAB Navigate: a mobile platform for contacting students as they apply and gain admission as well as register for classes and work through their academic plan.

E2Campus:   The vendor of the college’s alert system using email and text. Used for weather related and other closures as well as information that needs to get to everyone on or off campus quickly. It is an opt-out tool.

Ellucian:   the vendor/supplier of Banner, BDMS, DegreeWorks

ETS: (Educational Technology Services) The department of instructional technology specialists, digital display technicians, and electronic technicians who support technology in teaching/learning, digital signage, audio/video technologies, and distance learning.

Event Services: The department of event technicians who provide technical and logistic support for events on the college for both college and outside parties.

Filelocker: ( A secure file transfer server for sending files or receiving files that contain sensitive information (like social security numbers, security information, financial information, etc) A separate account is required to use Filelocker.

H: drive:   every account is assigned private space on a shared file server for storing files for access at any college computer. It is mapped to the H:   letter on PCs so the nickname stuck.

HelpDesk:  the central point for asking questions and requesting services for IT equipment on campus. Available by phone, email and chat

myPellissippi:   our portal site ( which provides access to employee and information such as paycheck stubs, tax documents, benefit summaries and more. Students use the portal to register for classes, view final grades and see financial aid data among other things.

Navigate: see EAB Navigate

NTS: (Networking and Technical Services ) the department of computer technicians, network technicians, systems administrators, database administrators, communications technicians and HelpDesk/Open Lab assistants who provide technical support for computers, services, telephones, network and software.

Office 365:  Microsoft cloud service that provides browser based access to common Office tools like Word, PowerPoint and Excel along with cloud storage in OneDrive, chat options via Yammer and home download of Microsoft Office products on up to 5 devices.

Outlook/Exchange: the college’s email system from Microsoft

P number: a unique ID number given to each person who works and/or studies at PSCC

Pellibiz (or Sciquest or Jaegger): the college’s online purchasing software. Also used for travel requests and travel claims, petty cash, and adding new vendors to the college

TAF (Technology Access Fee): a student fee that is part of the incidental fees when registering for classes. The TAF budget is created by IT leadership from requests from IT, academic, and other departments and approved by the TAF committee which is composed of faculty from each department, IT staff, financial staff and students.

Teams (or Microsoft Teams): An Office 365 communication tool that brings together Office 365 Groups, Outlook, file sharing, video/voice/chat and other collaboration tools. Multiple channels can be created within a Team to help keep chats easy to follow.

TouchNet: the college’s credit card processing vendor

VOIP (Voice Over IP): our phone system which uses the college’s wired network for voice and voicemail

Webmail: web based access to college email addresses

WordPress:   ( a blogging platform used by students, faculty and staff for personal blogs. Also available for class blogs, clubs, groups, organizations or special interest groups and other needs. Another WordPress server ( is available for approved college websites being developed in cooperation of ETS and the college webmaster.

Xenegrade:   a third party product used by Business and Community Services (BCS) for registration for non-credit classes

Zoom: a web-based video conferenceing platform, managed by ETS, that provides voice, video, file sharing, screen sharing and other meeting and classroom functions.