Computer Lab Configurations

Hardware replacement in the computer labs is managed on a multi-year cycle. Approximately one fourth of total lab machines are replaced each year between summer and fall semesters. Systems removed from the labs are then used as replacement systems for faculty and administrative staff.

Software for computer labs is configured as a standard load (Operating system, Internet browsers, virus detection software, e-mail, Office, etc.) and complemented with additional software as requested by faculty. Purchase of additional software, including sufficient licenses for proposed installation, is the responsibility of the academic departments.

During the final month of each semester, the TSG requests information from faculty on software needs for the coming semester. Faculty may view current configurations for labs via a web page or may request a paper copy of the configuration via the HelpDesk. Deadline for submission of changes to the software load for a computer lab is provided so that faculty input is received before the semester break and to give the technicians ample time to construct the software load, verify that all software in the load is compatible, and prepare the lab before start of the next semester.

Configuration Control of Labs during Semester:

Once the semester begins, the computer labs are placed under careful configuration control to ensure maximum performance and uptime during classes. Requests for software loads after the start of the semester must be considered individually and critically and may be difficult to accommodate. Requests for additional software after the request period has ended should be directed to the HelpDesk. Every effort will be made to accommodate these requests within the parameters to ensure a fully functional lab.