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*********** Coronavirus Pandemic Update ***********

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students will have to reserve their computer ahead of time. For everyone’s safety, we are limiting the number of students allowed in the open computer lab at any given time.

Students must make a reservation at one of the links below prior to using any open computer lab computer:

Hardin Valley (limit 48):

Magnolia (limit 18):

Blount County (limit 9):

Strawberry Plains (limit 9):


Welcome to the Information Technology Support HelpDesk at Pellissippi State Community College. The HelpDesk is your point of contact for all questions or problems regarding Pellissippi State computer services, equipment, and software.

All PSCC campuses have Open Computer Labs available for student and faculty use.

Pellissippi State’s Open Computer Labs provide students with the latest technology and resources, as well as the assistance needed to successfully complete class assignments and projects. The Open Computer Labs are a great place to come and do research related to your courses. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you with whatever questions you may have.

Open Computer Labs provide PC and Macintosh computers, as well as specialized software for your classes. They have accessible areas for students with disabilities, including software to aid students who have difficulty hearing, seeing or typing.

Lab Assistants are here to assist you when they can, but they are not here to replace your instructors or to complete your assignments for you. Feel free to ask questions, and they will be very happy to help if they can.

Open Computer Lab Guidelines

Out of respect for all students, please follow these rules when using open computer lab spaces:

  • Open computer labs are quiet, individual study spaces. Please refrain from excess noise or group study.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited, and phones should be either turned off or set to vibrate/silent
  • Children are not allowed.

Who can use the Open Computer Lab?

Students who:

  • are currently registered for classes at PSCC
  • need access to a computer
  • need access to the Internet
  • need to print their assignments
  • need to scan or print
  • need special software applications for classes such as digital media
  • require use of specialized software such as JAWS

Printing Guidelines

Printing is currently free but limited to college-related material. All lab computers are set to print on both sides (duplex) in black and white. Color printing is available, however due to the cost, it is limited. Please check with the HelpDesk Assistant for additional information and assistance with printing.

Please keep in mind the Open Computer Labs are available only to current students and should only be used for academics.

  • Please limit print job submission to 20 pages at a time.
  • PowerPoint presentations should be printed as handouts with a recommendation of three slides per page.
  • Always use the Print Preview option before printing to verify that you are printing the material you need and it is formatted correctly.
  • Print only web pages that you need, not an entire website.
  • DO NOT reprint your work after every change. Instead, print only a draft and a final copy upon completion.
  • Print single-sided ONLY when absolutely necessary.
  • DO NOT use the lab printers for copying organizational/departmental flyers, announcements, newsletters.
  • DO NOT use the lab printers for personal business needs. This is prohibited by the Computer Usage Policy.