How to add a photo to your Office 365 profile

If you would like your photo or other image to be displayed in Outlook (email) and other parts of Office 365, you can set a profile photo. Here’s how.


  1. Have the photo you wish to use saved on your local computer or on a jump drive plugged into your computer so you can navigate to it.
  2. Log into your Pellissippi State Office 365 account (using your current username and password)
  3. Move your cursor over the circle icon at the top right. If there is no image set, it will contain your initials. Click to open the “My Accounts” pane (it will slide in from the right)
    screenshot of Office 365 login screen with the profile photo highlighted with a pink arrow pointing to it.
  4. Move your cursor and hover it over the circle and a camera icon will appear. Click this icon.
  5. From this screen, click “+ Upload a new photo” Depending on your operating system, you will see the typical file browser window that allows you to navigate on your local computer to find the photo you wish to use.
  6. After the image is uploaded, you can use the slider below the image to zoom in or out to set the photo as you would like it in the circle.screenshot of the change your photo dialogue box showing the slider below the image and the apply button
  7. Once it is set as you want, click the “Apply” button.
  8. Your profile image is set!