How to cancel an event (and advertise or NOT advertise the cancellation)

Cancelling (and advertising it’s cancelled)

Remove all locations and add the location “Cancelled” to the event.

Screenshot of 25Live Search by Location Name box with the word Cancell in the event location

Then email all stakeholders. The PSCC web calendar will advertise the event as “Cancelled”. screenshot of email event details box in 25Live with To column, Additional Recipients and Message box circled in blue


Cancelling (and no need to advertise that it’s cancelled)

On the Event Wizard screen, one has the option to select if an event repeats. Click on the drop down menu and select “cancelled”.

All event locations and resources will be removed at that time. If you see this event on a search, it will have a line running through the title (Like this).

screenshot of 25Live Add, Remove or Edit Repeat occurences form with the Status of "cancelled" highlighted with a blue circle

Adjust the event categories to remove the event from advertising on the web calendar if needed (for instructions on advertising a cancelled event, see above).

screenshot of the 25Live locations area zoomed in to show "Calendar-Announcement/Display on Web" being unchecked.