How to Enable Notifications in Microsoft Teams

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Using Microsoft Teams is a great way to contain conversations, share files and other resources for a group. Using Notifications from Teams will ensure you know when updates are happening. There are a few steps to take to get Notifications set up and customized for your Team(s). If you don’t have the Teams app on your computer or device, here is information about how to install Teams.

Choose the Channel to get notifications

Once you are in Teams (app or browser) look at the list of your teams in the left column. There will be three dots to the right of the name of any channel (often called General)

Click on those three dots and a dropdown menu of options will load. One of those options is “Follow this channel.” Select that option to follow the channel. Repeat with other channels for any Team you want.

screenshot of Teams menu highlighting the more menu and Channel Notifications

Set your preferences for notifications

You can have notifications sent as a banner on your device and/or email. And, different notifications can be sent with different options. Look in the upper right in Teams and you will see your photo (or initials if you have not set a profile image). Click on that to get to the Settings icon

Microsoft Teams personal profile menu with Settings option highlighted with green rectangle

Once in Settings, look for the Notification option in the left sidebar. On that screen, there are options for the types of notifications and how you wish to get them.

screenshot of notifications menu in Microsoft Teams

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