How to navigate and use the Pellissippi Training Site

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Employees will find mandatory and optional online trainings at the Employee Training site (

Log into the site using your current PSCC username and password.

screenshot of training site login page

After logging in, you will see a view called “My Progress. This will be a list of any assigned training in this view along with the date is was assigned and the date it is due and if it is completed or not.

Clicking ‘Go To Course’ link in the right column of any course listing will take you to the course homepage.

If a course offers a “test out” option, you will see that linked as well.

Taking a course

Once you get to a course homepage, the course navigation may vary a bit depending the course design. But, there are some basics that courses will share.

The course homepage will contain an overview of all of the modules and topics in a course in a table of contents. Some courses may allow you to start at any module and others may require moving through it in a linear fashion.

On the course home page, you will find the Course Content area. In this listing, you will see an “Expand All” button at the top right. Clicking this will reveal all of the topics/pages in the course. Click the “Expand” link to the right of any topic will just reveal those topics/pages.

screenshot of content module listing

IMPORTANT: If the course requires each module to be completed in order, you will see this if you try to jump ahead of the sequence:

Warning box that says Please go back and complete the previous module

Anatomy of a Course page

After clicking on the module, you will view a module overview or welcome page. Clicking Next will take you to a course page. The content will vary depending the course design but, you will see these parts of every page:

The content outline will be visible to the left

  • A course progress bar will be at the top of the page
  • Links to move to the next page and/or module will be at the bottom

After your course is complete, you can log out with the link in the top right. Your Banner training record will be updated automatically. If a certificate is presented by the course, you can download and/or print it at the end of the course. You can also view the certificate from the course homepage at any time after completing the course.

For Supervisors

In addition to your own training progress, you can also see your team’s progress by clicking the ‘Team Progress’ tab.

You can see employees assigned to you as a supervisor in Banner. If you are missing an employee, please contact HR.

Click the View Progress link under an employee’s names to see what courses they have completed and when those courses are due.

Future development plans include the ability to assign additional courses (or multiple courses combined into a curriulum) to an employee or group of employees. This is tracked and reported in the same location.

screenshot of the supervisor view of training site