How to save Adobe Acrobat Files

Often users can experience trouble saving information from\for PDF forms.  There are many things to consider when filling out and Adobe PDF form.  Most of the time these forms are designed for users to not be able to save their data to the form.  This helps protect the form’s design and keeps users data from being viewed by other inadvertently that forget to clear the form.  Most forms are set to read only as well intentionally keep the user from saving changes to the form on the server.  Try these tips to save your data to a PDF form to then be able to email this completed form with your data.

Once your form is filled out try one or more of the following if you are experience issues:

Download the .pdf file to your local hard drive or share.

File > Save As  (make sure you rename with a different name) -> Go open that file in the location that you saved it and verify your data is visible.

Make Sure you have the last version of Adobe Reader.  To double check you can go to the Adobe site and down load the latest version.  To check the version on your machine open Adobe Reader and you may see the version in the Adobe description on the shortcut or you can go to Help (on the menubar) > About Adobe Reader and compare with the latest release from the Adobe site .

Make Sure your Browser is not set to open PDFs instead of Adobe Reader.  If you open the form in a browser window, the form data will more than likely not be able to save to another file.

Here is how to change this if you notice the .pdf is opened in a browser tab rather than Adobe Reader:

  • Locate a .pdf file on your machine
  • Right Click and choose Open With > Choose Default Program> Choose Adobe Reader from the list
  • Make sure the “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” is checked
  • Check Ok