How to Secure Your Zoom Meeting

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You may have heard of recent incidents of “Zoombombing” which occurs when uninvited people enter the Zoom meeting space and cause a disruption. To avoid such disruptions, we recommend the following security measures when scheduling a Zoom meeting.

Use a Unique Meeting ID

When scheduling your Zoom meeting, choose the Generate Automatically option which generates a unique meeting ID for each meeting you schedule.

screenshot of the Zoom schedule meeting form with the Meeting ID option highlighted with a red box


Utilize the Waiting Room

For Pellissippi Pro Zoom account holders, ETS has made the Waiting Room feature a requirement for each meeting scheduled.

For those who are utilizing basic (free) Zoom accounts or Pro accounts purchased individually, you will need to enable the Waiting Room option each time you schedule a meeting. When scheduling a meeting, the Waiting Room option can be found under the Advanced Options section.

Meeting hosts, we recommend that your attendees provide their first and last name in order to be admitted to the Zoom meeting. The host will click on each attendee request to join the meeting in order to admit the student into the virtual meeting space. This will also provide an instructor the opportunity to check roll.

Participants will see this message when joining a meeting with the Waiting Room enabled:

Text that reads Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon. Molly Parker's Personal Meeting Room

As host of the meeting, you can click the Manage Participants tab on the menu at the bottom of the meeting screen, then click Admit next to each person who should be admitted into the meeting room.

screenshot of the Zoom meeting environment with the Manage Participants icon highlighted with a red box

To view additional resources related to Zoom, please check out our Zoom resource page

Please let ETS know if you have additional questions related to Zoom.