How to use Filelocker

Filelocker is a web based secure file sharing application that facilitates easy file sharing between users here at Pellissippi State and promotes secure data sharing habits.

Filelocker was developed by IT Networks and Security at Purdue University for the purpose of allowing students and faculty to share files with other people both inside and outside of Purdue University. It is secure storage system for sharing files and data temporarily. More than 20 universities worldwide are using Filelocker for HIPAA and FERPA compliant data sharing.

The features of Filelocker include:

  • The ability to use a password to encrypt files in order to protect sensitive data
  • Uploading electronic files to a secure storage area, storing them there for a fixed amount of time, and accessing them from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Sharing files with other PSCC faculty, staff, and students
  • Automatic email notifications of file sharing requests and file download activity
  • The ability to securely share files with individuals who do not have a PSCC user account

NOTE: Filelocker does NOT synchronize with the PSCC Active Directory. In order to use this secure service, you must first have a Filelocker user account. To request an account, send a request to the PSCC Helpdesk. They will have your Filelocker account created and will give you a password that works only for your Filelocker account.

Once you have a Filelocker account, go to to access the site.

To download a PDF with the following instructions, click here.

Login to Filelocker

To log in to Filelocker:

1. From the Filelocker home page, enter your PSCC username. Your password is different for this system and will be provided when you are granted access. Then click on “Login”.

NOTE: There are many other colleges and universities using Filelocker, so be sure you are logging into the page with the PSCC logo.

The Filelocker main page:

Login to Filelocker

Change Your Password

Once logged in, you should change your password to something that is private, known only to you. Click on the “Account” link at the very top right of the page. In the window which opens, you can type a new password into the “New Password” and “Confirm Password” fields. Click the “Update Account” button and your password will be changed.

Change your Filelocker password

To Upload a File

From the main Filelocker page, click on the “Upload” button.

Upload a file

2. Enter the expiration date (the default is one week from the day the file is uploaded).

3. Add any notes associated with the file.

4. Click on “Upload a file”.

5. In the “File Upload” box, select the location and specific file you want to upload. Then, click on “Open”.

Note: You can select multiple files to upload at one time by using the “Shift” or “Ctrl” keys.

When you choose your file(s), they will be scanned and encrypted as they are uploaded::

File being uploaded

Files you have uploaded will be listed on the main Filelocker page:

Files listed on the main Filelocker page

To see the details or options for an uploaded file, click on the small blue triangle to the right of the file name:

Show details of uploaded file

From here you can see all the actions that can be performed on an uploaded file.

To Share a File:

1. From the File Options (see screen shot above), click on “Share This File”.

2. On the “Users” tab, you can enter the user ID (username) of the person with whom you want to share the file, or you can search for the person by user ID or by name:

Share a file with a user

~ OR ~

On the “Groups” tab, select the group to share the file with:

Share a file with a group

~ OR ~

On the “Public” tab, enter the Expiration date, email address (non PSCC), and message to the people you want to share this file with. Filelocker will generate a URL for the recipient(s) to use to download the file.

Note: If you password protect a shared file, you must also share the password with the recipient in order for them to access the file in Filelocker.

Share a file with someone outside PSCC

It is not necessary to password protect a file that is shared with others at PSCC through the “Users” tab. PSCC users will have to log in to Filelocker access shared files. They will however, need to have first requested a user account in Filelocker from Helpdesk.

Working with Groups:

Groups in Filelocker make it possible to share a file with many users at once.

To create, edit, or delete a group:

On the main Filelocker page, click on “Manage Groups”

To creat, edit or delete groups

The “Manage Groups” page:

The Manage Groups page

1. To add a new group, click on the “Add New Group” button.

2. Enter the name of the group:

Name the group

3. Click on the green plus sign (+). Your group has been created:

To creat, edit or delete groups

4. To add members to the group, click on the name of the group or the blue triangle:

To add members to the group

5. Click on “Manage Group”

View group membership

6. From here you can search for users by their user ID or by their name:

To creat, edit or delete groups

NOTE: Only PSCC staff who have user accounts in Filelocker will be shown in search results.

7. Click on “Add” once you have found the user.

To creat, edit or delete groups

This is also where you can remove specific users from a group.

To delete a group:

On the Manage Groups page, click the check box next to the group name, then click on the “Delete Selected” button.

Help with Filelocker functions:

There are several other functions that you might be interested in learning about. There are shortcuts to these in the lower right corner of the main Filelocker page:

To creat, edit or delete groups

Click on “Show all…” under Quick Help for the entire list:

Quick Help Topics

Or, click on “Show all…” under Quick Tip for an extended list of Filelocker features:

Quick Tips: Filelocker Features

If you need assistance with Filelocker, please contact the HelpDesk.